The Path of Least Resistance


I used to be a work-a-holic. I worked all damn day and into the night. If I wasn’t working, I felt guilty about it or unaccomplished. I felt like I was losing an uphill battle, because, as the saying goes, “there aren’t ever enough hours in the day”. Yes, I was getting things done and making progress but it sure didn’t seem easy. I was also under the impression that it couldn’t be easy. How many times did I hear my Dad say “you gotta work hard for it” whatever “it” was?Then, I was introduced to what Abraham Hicks calls The Path of Least Resistance. Ironically, I had gotten to experience the Path first hand, before I even heard Abrahams teachings.

In March, I traveled cross country. Mostly for the adventure, but partly to sell my wares (because, I’ll be honest, I never allow myself to travel solely for pleasure). I researched stores, set up trunk shows, contacted boutiques, but didn’t make much progress, once again, feeling the spinning wheels of an uphill battle. Once we hit Texas, I promised my traveling companion that we would focus on adventure and not business. And so, as we hit the Southwest, I felt freed up to have fun. My work was done (though since I judged remaining inventory as my success rate, the huge box of goods weighing down the car top carrier was literally failure looming over my head).

New Mexico opened up my spiritual pores and Arizona extracted beauty like I had never seen. We rolled in to Page, Arizona, and I felt a deep sense of peace and happiness. A calm had erased the stress of success and I wandered about looking for some kind of souvenir to represent this magical land to my friends back home. At Blair’s Trading Post, I started talking to the lady behind the counter who loved my bag, and minutes later, I was unloading my box of goodies on their counter. They bought half of my inventory and I walked out with almost my whole trip paid for.

What happened to open up that ease and flow? What magical energy shift had occurred to allow my desires to become reality? Was it just that the Southwest was my prime market or was it something more? I believe it was The Path of Least Resistance being shown to me in all its glory, which is what is leading me back to the Southwest for my first RevivALL Road Show. My main goal this trip is to practice the Path and be curious about where it takes me. Of course, I would love to arrive home with an empty trailer, but I can’t grasp the desire to share my creations too tightly. I want to have and adventure, meet lovely people, and follow my bliss with ease and flow.

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