Our Mission

We are a slow fashion lifestyle brand encouraging the revival of a simpler way of life
through responsibly sourced, folk-inspired goods. We achieve this mission through
three key pillars: responsible sourcing, zero-ish waste, and locally made.

Revivall seeks to build a community of people who value and desire a deeper connection to their
wardrobe and the world around them. As a women-owned and operated brand, we seek
to empower other women to embrace their femininity and their badassery.

Here at Revivall, we want you to feel connected to your clothing. We want to make
clothing that aligns with your values, works for your lifestyle, and makes you feel good.


3 Pilars of Sustainability

Three key pillars
Responsible sourcing – Revivall Clothing products are made using recycled materials
and deadstock fabrics, keeping bolts of fabrics from ending up in landfills annually.

Zero-ish waste – Although we are unable to have zero waste, we are committed to
reducing waste wherever possible. Check out some of our products made from even the
smallest fabric scraps.

Locally/Ethically made – All Revivall products are handmade in the US by our brilliant team of
independent seamstresses. Every item is made with care and attention to detail.


Our History

We are the OG upcyclers.

After witnessing the quantities of waste in the fashion industry
in New York during the early 2000s, Laura, RevivALL’s founder, vowed to start using
recycled materials in her creations. She’s been upcycling in various formats ever since.
In 2008, RevivALL was born. Ahead of its time, as far as sustainable fashion brands go,
RevivALL has been committed to responsible materials sourcing and upcycling old fabrics
to make the unique new creations we are known for.