Short Pinafore in Lucky Penny


Perfect for layering and lightweight for a milder climate, this pinafore dress is reminiscent of an apron, but feels more like a jumper. Try wearing it over another dress or with just a shirt underneath. Two large front pockets carry all of your eggs in one basket! (as long as you don’t have, like, 40 chickens)! Elastic in the back of the waistband makes it your best friend on those days when you want to have that second helping of desert 🙂


Waist 26″-29″


Waist 30″-34″


Waist 35″-38″


Waist 38-41.5″




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Traditional overall tacks and slides are adjustable for torso length.

Cross the straps or leave them straight

Wear the bib up or down!

P.S.-Everything I make is from up-cycled or re-claimed materials, hence the RevivALL…This pinafore dress is made from dead stock paisley rayon. Dead stock is the remnants from other fashion houses and by using it, we are reducing waste from the fashion industry.




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