Leather Skirt Hike


A customer reached out to us years ago, suggesting we make leather skirt hikes. Sometimes it takes us a while to get a product developed and launched. Then the weather started heating up and we got tired of tying our long skirts up in knots to stay cool.

Introducing the Leather Skirt Hike. This is a timeless design that has been mostly seen in the Renaissance Fair scene. Ours has a snap closure to attach to a belt or apron strap so that you don’t have to take your belt off to attach the hike.

Simply slide your skirt through both rings and then back through the top ring to keep your skirt higher. Shown here with the Summer Skirt, the Pinafore in Honey Pot Paisley, the Wilderness Dress in Ivory Linen, and the Calico Belt.

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Leather strap is 1″ wide

Snaps on a belt up to 1.5″ wide

2 1.25″ antique brass metal O rings

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in


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