Large Scrunchie Set of 3 in Warm Springs


In our efforts to operate a clothing business that keeps as much waste out of the landfill as possible, and in our efforts to excellently relive the 1980s, meet the Revivall Hair Scrunchies, made from your favorite Revivall fabrics. Pair our Scrunchies with your Revivall pieces, or use them to keep your hair out of the way when in the garden or the henhouse. Definitely use them to hold your hair back when cleansing that radiant face of yours every morning and night. Obviously, we think you should keep one or two Revivall Hair Scrunchies on your car’s gear shift in case of a hair emergency. They make great gifts, too, if you’re itching to introduce your friends to Revivall and its mission to be kinder to the earth and to each other. 

Batch of 3 made from rayon fabric. Each scrunchie is approximately 2.5″ wide with 8.5″ elastic.

Sheer rayon fabric in Alpine Peach, Black Floral, and Plume. If you want to see the products these fabric scraps were from, check out Alpine PeachPlume, and Black Floral.



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Revivall Scrunchies are part of our zero-ish waste initiative.

Batch of 3 made from deadstock rayon fabric.

Sheer rayon fabric in Alpine Peach, Black Floral, and Plume.

Each scrunchie has 8.5″ of elastic and is approximately 2.5″ in width


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