The Pearl- Face Mask-Bandana

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This is the newest version of the prairie face mask. It gives your eyes a little more room-especially good if you wear glasses.

*The elastic goes around the head, through the sides of the mask, and around the back of the neck. You can adjust for fit by tying the elastic where it’s most comfortable. Mask should be tight around the face for maximum effectiveness.

*Wash before wear* Due to limited production, we request you buy no more than 5 at a time. Face Masks are non-returnable

If you would like to make some masks for your community and friends, we applaud you. The directions for the ones we are making for the hospital are found here.

Thank you so much for your support. We feel blessed to be able to help in this way and do our part to support you and our community. These face masks are being made for us by Bearpaw Outfitters Manufacturing in Billings, Montana.

*There is a pocket in the mask for a filter to be inserted.








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*Masks are approximately 4.75″ tall in the middle and 3.5″ on the sides. They are 9″ wide and should fit most adults

*There is a wire in the nose band that can be shaped to fit your face.

These handmade fabric face masks are made from 100% cotton.



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1 review for The Pearl- Face Mask-Bandana

  1. Annie (verified owner)

    I bought several face masks for my mom and I and these are by far our favorite- especially for those of us who wear glasses! Well made and fits great. Thank you!

  2. lauralee

    Awe! Love that you have tried different ones and like these so much. Hope you are well

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