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12 Pack Reusable Wipes

Part of Revivall Clothing’s mission, and our reason for using deadstock fabrics, is to reduce waste. In our pursuit of simpler living and reducing waste in many areas of even our own home, we’ve created Zero-Waste Wipes. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and after the recent toilet paper shortages, the ol’ “family cloth” seemed a timely and appropriate addition to our product line.

These 7.5″X7.5″ two-ply cloth wipes are made from vintage and deadstock cotton flannels and are delightfully soft. Use wet or dry after using the toilet, and toss them in a hamper or basket until washing. Paired with a toilet seat bidet, they make easy and comfortable drying cloths. If you’re not yet short on toilet paper or aren’t ready to transition to a reusable bathroom wipe, these are soft enough to use as baby wipes or makeup wipes.

Handmade by my friend, Marcia, in Eugene, Oregon.


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7.5″ X 7.5″ Each- Pack of 12

Two-ply cloth wipes are made from soft vintage flannel cotton and are machine washable.

Use them instead of paper towels to wipe up counter tops, or instead of toilet paper (when going #1).



Red/Black Plaid, Red/Green Plaid, Owls, Red/Grey Plaid, Blue Plaid, Camouflage, Black/White Plaid, Variety Pack

2 reviews for Zero-Waste Wipes

  1. Elizabeth A Hartley

    These little wipes are wonderful. They are so soft and I love the patterns. I will be using them for many things. I already have a few in my pockets for long walks with the dog and my son. I plan to use them for wiping noses, hands, and any other body part that may need wiping!

  2. Teresa Trueba Embree

    Love my new wipes!! so soft! So far, great for dusting and cleaning surfaces! Perfect for face wiping/washing too.

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