Zero Waste Cloth Wipes from Vintage Flannel Cotton


12 Pack Reusable Wipes

Part of Revivall Clothing’s mission, and our reason for using dead stock fabrics, is to reduce waste. We’ve been moving towards living more simply and applying waste reduction practices in many areas at home as well, which has led us to create these cloth wipes. Inspired by the recent toilet paper shortages and our roots in prairie fashion, the ol’ “family cloth” seemed a timely and appropriate addition to our product line.

These 6″X6″ two-ply cloth wipes are made from vintage cotton flannels and are delightfully soft. Use wet or dry to wipe after the bathroom and toss them in a basket next to the toilet until washing. Paired with a toilet seat bidet, they make easy and comfortable drying cloths. If you’re not yet desperately short on toilet paper or not comfortable with the idea of saving your bathroom mess for washing, these wipes are soft enough to use for baby wipes or as easy, reusable makeup wipes.


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6″ X 6″ Each- Pack of 12

Two ply cloth wipes are made from soft vintage flannel cotton and are machine washable.

Use them instead of paper towels to wipe up counter tops, or instead of toilet paper (when going #1)



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