Garden Tool Belt-Leather


Hands-free gardening is at your fingertips thanks to this handmade leather garden tool bag. My husband, Tuli Fisher of Fisher Blacksmithing, and I collaborated on this leather bag to hold his garden tools, but it can also hold whatever gardening implements you already have. After getting feedback from many homesteaders and gardeners, we think this tool bag is the only one you’ll ever need. We stand behind our products by offering a 2-year warranty on all stitching and hardware. Please understand each bag is handmade by us and may vary slightly from the photo.

*Outside pouch is large enough to hold three average size garden tools, including pruning shears.

*Bottom of the pouch is made from heavy weight leather- tough enough to hold sharp objects without tearing or ripping.

*Tw0 outer loops snap around tools that you want handy or extra long tools that won’t fit in the pouch.

*Back pocket snaps closed and is large enough for the average cell phone or seed packets.

*Garden Belt can be worn two ways. Our dual-purpose design allows for you to fasten it around your waist as a belt or wear it across your body like a shoulder bag. The buckle and O rings make it comfortable and easy to adjust to your size.

*Will stand upright alone on the ground.

*Inside pen/pencil/Sharpie holders.

*Added D-ring for attaching water bottles, keys, or anything extra you may need.

See additional details below for dimensions and measurements.


Garden Tool Belt Dimensions 

Outer Pocket- 8″ wide X 2″ Deep

Back Pocket- 4.5″ X 6.5″

Waist straps- 30″-50″




Regular, Large


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