Momentum-the Journey Begins


I’m not sure what is going on astrologically, internally, globally, or locally. Whether it is my age, my current life situation, or the stars, but something is brewing. I feel like I am being pushed/driven/forced down a steep hill and my legs are just trying to run to keep up so that I don’t fall.

If I fall, I might loose all momentum or end up hurting myself and I’ve never been good at allowing myself to do anything that might end in pain. I don’t do anything that makes me move too fast or lose control. I tried to ski once and when I started going too fast, I would just fall because I couldn’t figure out how to enjoy the speed.

Now I feel like I am being pushed to elevate to the next level of entrepreneurship and I’m struggling with the speed and trying to make the “out of control” feeling stop (or at least learn to enjoy it). This is all fear based, of course. My biggest fear? That I will delve right back in to my work-a-holic tendencies and not be able to have a life. What’s my definition of “having a life?”

1-Being able to spend time with people I care about

2-Not having to respond to invitations with “I’m busy…”

3-Having time for myself

4-Not feeling like I am booked up every moment of every day

5-Having time to do nothing

I guess, after reviewing this list, “Having a Life” directly correlates to “Having Time”. Ultimately, what I want out of life is to have a farm where my family and I grow food in the form of plants and animals, live as sustainably as possible, and have enough money and resources to be able to travel and live comfortably. I want that money and resources to come from my business(s), so here we go…about to embark on the journey of manifesting this dream.   I have a feeling the journey will be an adventure, and I’d like to share my experiences. Thank you for being my witness.

This picture is from a trip I took that launched Revivall Clothing.  Something happened on that trip that changed my life forever.  That was 7 years ago, so I guess I’m feeling the 7 year itch.



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